Flower Wall Holiday Party Backdrop

A flower wall holiday photo backdrop is perfect for any type of holiday party or special occasion. Whether you’re looking for a custom wall to lead guests into your party space or would like fun photo-op background, our custom flower walls are a fun decoration to add to any holiday party. We enjoy bringing our client’s flower backdrop visions to life with customized flowers and signs that can be added to every wall. Our flower walls stand out—our close attention to detail and handmade flowers are created with care. Let us help you transform your holiday party or event with a custom floral backdrop that your guests will surely love.

Floral Backdrops Created with Passion

Make your holiday party one that stays in your guests’ minds for years with our flower photo wall backdrops. They’re a great way to welcome guests into your party, or you can make the wall a centerpiece of the event. Whether you want to purchase a backdrop for your annual holiday party or just need to rent one for a day, we make the process to obtain one of our flower walls simple, so you can focus on the other important plans for the big event. The materials we use to create each flower ranges from different textured paper and gems to glitter, pearls, and more. Each paper flower is not only handcrafted but also placed individually onto every wall, so we can ensure a flawless look.

Let’s Start Planning Your Holiday Backdrop

Let us help you elevate your holiday party into something whimsical with the addition of a custom flower wall—it will leave your guests speechless. Each flower wall is freestanding to ensure easy use throughout your party. When it comes to stunning flower walls for holiday events, you can trust our industry expertise. Browse our gallery to find amazing inspiration for your holiday flower wall. Give us a call at 949-394-1331, so we can make your dream flower wall holiday photo backdrop.