Baby Shower

Floral Baby Shower Backdrop

A custom floral baby shower backdrop is the perfect decoration for this special day. They’ll provide the perfect backdrop to give a speech or open gifts, as a flower wall is a fun and unique addition to any baby shower. Transform your party space with a flower wall filled with details and decorative accents that will quickly become a fun photo-op that your guests will love, as well. With close attention to detail, we enjoy bringing your flower wall vision to life. Guests will want to take photos in front our stunning floral backdrops, which you can customize to fit your baby shower theme and colors. Our custom handcrafted flower backdrops also feature a freestanding ability, so there is no need to worry about leaning a backdrop against a wall or hanging it up.

Floral Backdrops Created with Passion

Each flower is handcrafted and carefully placed on every wall backdrop to ensure a flawless look and feel. There are many different materials that the flowers can be created from, which includes textured paper, glitter, gems, pearls, and more. The high level of detail used to create every flower wall we create is what makes our floral baby shower backdrops so unique. Many clients also love to provide custom signs to add onto their flower wall to showcase fun sayings, such as an event hashtag, the future baby’s name, or anything else that will help make their flower wall special.

Let’s Start Planning Your Baby Shower Backdrop

Whether you want to rent or purchase a custom flower wall backdrop for your baby shower, we have everything you need to ensure it is the highlight of the mom-to-be’s special day. Let us help you transform your party with our floral baby shower backdrops that will stand out and your guests will love. Look through our gallery for inspiration on your floral baby shower backdrop, and contact us today, so we can get started on your dream flower wall. Call us at 949-394-1331.