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This agreement made and entered this day by and between Mahi Rehan, LLC and Client henceforth.

1.That upon the terms and conditions herein expressed and in consideration of the covenants and agreements herein expressed, Mahi Rehan, LLC does hereby grant unto Client the right to use the following described materials:

2. Client shall have possession of the materials for the purpose and term aforesaid. Client hereby waives and releases any claim for damages against Mahi Rehan, LLC, its employees and third-party contractors hired by Mahi Rehan, LLC on account thereof.

3. All materials must be used according to rules set forth in contract.
3a. No open flames within 10 feet from the flower wall without having a fire extinguisher present.
3b. Flower wall cannot be setup outside without cover on days that have any form of precipitation.

4. Cancellations: Any reservation on the existing materials cancelled 60 days or more before the contracted event date will be charged a restocking fee of 30% of the rental fees for the item or service that is being cancelled. If the reservation is cancelled within 30 days of the contracted event, the client will forfeit all fees paid to Mahi Rehan, LLC, and be applied as a credit used for future rental within the six calendar months from the original date of service.

5. Client assumes responsibility for all items rented from Mahi Rehan, LLC from the time of delivery to the time of pickup.
6. All materials to be returned in the same condition in which delivered. Failure to do so will result in charges for extra time and materials used to repackage the items at a rate of $65.00 per hour. Client agrees to pay replacement costs for any missing or damaged items due to unforeseen circumstances not mutually exclusive to weather, negligence, etc.… If items are found missing or damaged at pickup/return, a detailed invoice of the charges will be provided to Client. Failure to return items will result in legal action against the Client. The Client will be responsible for any collection costs including collecting agency fees, attorney fees, court costs, and any other costs incurred in collecting any charges due to Mahi Rehan, LLC.

7. Client agrees to ensure site is ready (doors unlocked, tables set up, etc.) before Mahi Rehan, LLC is scheduled to deliver.

Pay a 35% deposit per item


This is a free standing 3D Paper Flower backdrop.

All the flowers are hand made and designed by Mahi Rehan.

Our backdrops have a unique and glamorous look and will impress anyone who appreciates art.

These 3D flower backdrops are perfect for any special events to use as a photo op background. They can also be used as a decoration piece.

We offer red carpets, stanchions with red or black velvet ropes and ring lights as extras for anyone who would like to have the full hollywood red carpet look.

All of our flower backdrops can be customized with your logos or massages as an extra service.

To book the backdrop for multiple days use shift key and choose all the dates you want to rent.

Once you choose and book your backdrop, one of our designers will contact you to go over your order and make sure we have all the correct information we need.

You may contact us via email: with any questions.

We are excited and happy to make your special occasion as memorable as it can be!!

Thank you for visiting Mahi Rehan Flower Backdrops.