Pink and Peach Floral Wall-8’h x 10’w-ON SALE $8,400


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This is a free standing 3D Paper Flower backdrop.

All the flowers are hand made and designed by Mahi Rehan. RINESTONE BALL ORNAMENT JEWELS NOT INCLUDED.

Our backdrops have:

1) A unique and glamorous look and will impress anyone who appreciates art.

2) They are easy to setup and will fold in half for easy storage.

3) They can be used as a Wall Art in any home by disassembling the legs and hanging them on the wall.

4) they are perfect for any special events to use as a photo op background.

Once you purchase your backdrop, we will contact you to go over your order to make sure we have all the correct information we need for delivery.

Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.

You may contact us via email: with any questions.

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